Woodstock Chalet

Beautiful bones, as the expression goes. Originally hand crafted by a talented carpenter in the era of the historic Woodstock music festival, this house had wonderful character but needed TLC.

Where there was carpet it was replaced by slate. Questionable lighting was retired and replaced by chandeliers or one off designer lighting. A natural setting commands complementary materials; so solid woods, glass, bluestone, slate and/or porcelain tiles were used to re-do the kitchen and baths. Copper faceplates now cover outlets. Deer friendly indigenous plantings were added to the landscape. The updates, large and small, complemented what was existing; the Spanish style stucco fireplace, inlaid Mexican tiles, stained glass accents, and much gorgeous carpentry. The new and improved chalet has a beautiful balance of shine and patina, and the happy energy of a house that has witnessed many magical Woodstock moments.