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  • We don't have 'before' photos of what the working space looked like, but cluttered and dingy come to mind, so we tore it up and started from scratch! width:640;;height:480
  • Bright, clean, and designed to stay uncluttered, the new office has boosted productivity. width:640;;height:426
  • The bathroom 'before' was claustrophobic. We made it bigger and much better. width:360;;height:480
  • A recessed towel dispenser and waste can save space.  The tiles, metallic wall paint and vintage mirror are both playful and functional for an office. width:319;;height:480
  • The tight space works well with carefully selected features width:640;;height:426
  • We replaced all the lighting, of course, and much of the elctrical and mechanicals had to be moved and/or upgraded. width:640;;height:480
  • The owner and staff report that the bright and uncluttered office has made a substantial improvement to their work lives. width:640;;height:426
  • A homage to the uniqueness of the motorcycle school is a recurring motif including the helmet storage and colorful vintage motorcycle posters.  Color was added through light fixtures, rugs, occasional chairs, and plants. width:640;;height:426
  • Plants and a colorful rug help cheer up the rear office. width:640;;height:426
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