Principle Bio

christine barker

Christine Barker is Principal and founder of Ecotekture Development and Design, a New York based company focused on sustainable development and design. Christine is also a member of the New York State Association of Realtors, and a Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent with Coldwell Banker, specializing in helping people buy and sell property in the Hudson Valley, Manhattan and Brooklyn NY.
Christine graduated from a career in environmental science to pursue real estate investment and design.  She has successfully developed residential projects in New York City, upstate NY and Canada. Christine focused on 'green' elements of design long before they were in vogue, always placing emphasis on using natural materials or ones with the lowest VOC content.
Christine completed a bachelor’s degree in biology at UWO in London and a Masters of Science in Ecotoxicology at Concordia University in Montreal. During her fifteen year tenure in science Christine built and managed a laboratory, managed and designed hundreds of diverse scientific studies in North America and Europe, and presented findings frequently to regulators in EU countries including England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Germany.
Ecotekture is committed to development that respects the environment.  Christine’s passion for architecture and real estate led her to a career in real estate, but her commitment to the environment remains.
Christine is pursuing LEED Associate certification, and our affiliate architects are LEED certified. 
Christine is also the Environmental Practices and Sustainability Advisor to DPEC Partners Invest Property Group.